The Wrong Girl

The Wrong Girl 
Amazing. I am amazed. I should’ve known from my regular Insta-stalks of Zoë Foster Blake (and from her choice of husband *cough* Hamish Blake *cough*) that her books would be outstanding. Despite my girl crush, I seem to have been pretty late to the Zoë Foster Blake Book Party. But man am I glad I turned up, fashionably late and ready to have some fun. 

The perfect balance between lighthearted and serious, The Wrong Girl deals with issues of Real Life while maintaining a relatable, witty, humorous undertone. The Australian setting, references and language were spot on, and as a result the characters were so well developed and clear; I honestly feel like I know them. 

It’s one of those books that just feels good for your soul, it’s such a good palate cleanser. I haven’t read a lighthearted, chick-flick-esque book like this in a long time, and I didn’t realise I’d missed it. But as I speed read the final few chapters, I realised I really, really had. So naturally, today I purchased another Foster Blake book, and I am now going to buy the TV series and binge watch it, before purchasing all of her other books and reading every single one of them while falling deeper and deeper into my girl crush, and continuing to try to reassure myself that yes, my writing can be as good as this one day, just keep trying. 

Lily is a few bags of salt and vinegar chips and a glass of red wine away from turning 30, and is determined to get her life sorted. A producer of the food segment on The Daily TV show (think Sunrise), she feels like she should be moving forward with her career, and finally becoming an adult. Lily lives with her gorgeous, long legged, slim model friend, Simone, who preaches acai and tofu on her blog while popping pills to keep her awake after a weekend bender fuelled by booze and cocaine. Lily, filled with regret after sleeping with her long-time good friend Pete, decides to go on a man detox, and drags Simone into it, too. But as it tends to, fate gets in the way. A gorgeous, sexy, country boy chef moves to town and is the new talent on Lily’s segment. But before Lily starts to realise her frustration towards him is being replaced by another feeling, Jack meets someone. No spoilers here, because I highly suggest you go read it yourself. You can thank me later.

It’s so well written, with such convincing dialogue and Australian slang. I thoroughly enjoyed the tone Foster Blake has utilised throughout, it’s such a nice change to some of the books I’ve been reading recently. Lily’s inner musings are so relatable and hilarious, and I’m amazed at how well this was shown while being written in third person.

I cannot speak highly enough of this book. My only request would be that some of the sections that are skimmed over were fleshed out in more detail, for a longer, more detailed storyline overall. Plus, I bloody hope there’s going to be a sequel. 

Recommend it? I sure do 

Read before bed? Definitely

Cry-worthy? For once I didn’t shed a tear

Re-readable? For sure 

Potential to fall in love with characters? Oh boy, yes. A thousand times yes

Score /10? 9/10 


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