Healthy Eating: The Truth

Rosie’s take on… Eating healthy all the time

Does anybody actually like trail mix, or is everyone lying? I can’t say that my actual favourite snack is a heap of nuts and some shrivelled fruit. Like yeah, okay, maybe you can tolerate it. And maybe to be good occasionally you’ll opt for nuts and shrivelled fruit over a chocolate muffin, I get that. But don’t even try to lie and tell me trail mix is your favourite. Even if it does have tiny pieces of chocolate in it.

Do you ever just wish junk food hadn’t been invented, so you wouldn’t know how delicious it is and wouldn’t crave it?

Being healthy is hard. 

When you’re really hungry, it’s really hard to resist eating KFC. It’s really hard to want to eat fruit and veggies and meat and all the good stuff all the time. It’s really hard to resist eating a big bowl of pasta or a loaf of fresh bread for every meal. If you want a big plate of bread or chips or cheese, fruit is not appealing.

All the fit people on Instagram with their posts of their favourite recipe for their green kale smoothies or their pictures of their acai bowls that they eat for every single meal, making us feel bad for the pizza we have for the second night in a row. They’re lying. Yes, healthy eating is good for you blah blah blah. But it’s not as easy as they would have you think. Especially not to maintain for every meal of the day.

So I’m here telling it as it is. Yes, I try to be healthy. And yeah, I’ve nailed the whole ‘working out’ thing; that, I have no trouble doing. But pushing yourself physically for an hour in the gym is so so different to the mental battle of the other 23 hours a day, trying hard not to eat an entire bag of mini Easter eggs. 

So if you ate an entire bag of mini Easter eggs today; you’re not failing. In fact, join the club, girlfriend. 

Some days I’ll have it under control, I’ll eat pure and healthy, eating my prepared healthy meals all day. But then it’ll hit nighttime; the sun goes down, the moon comes out, and the werewolf hanger demon inside of me comes out, too. I eat my full body weight every night before bed, I swear. 

It’s not just as simple as opting for trail mix. Nice try. Trail mix ain’t refreshing, trail mix ain’t satisfying, don’t even try to offer me that shit once the sun’s gone down. Bring me chocolate or carbs or stay away. 

It’s also tough to snack healthy, or to cook healthy snacks, when every recipe has 148 rare ingredients that cost $35 each and that you’ll only ever use once. But let’s not even open that can of worms. (Yes, I know often it’s cheaper to eat healthy. But I’m just sayin’. Bliss balls with 185 ingredients? Nah I’ll stick to a $1 chocolate bar, thanks).

Don’t get me wrong, I like healthy food, I really do. But sometimes it just doesn’t cut it. I wouldn’t have a glass of water if I needed a shower, I’m not going to have trail mix if I need chocolate.

So instead of striving for ‘eating healthy all the time’ and constantly being disappointed in yourself, let’s start with ‘eating healthy most of the time’. Because that, I can do.


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