Nama’stay positive

Rosie’s take on… Mindfulness



I’ve been promising this blog post for weeks, so here it is. 

I’ve recently started doing yoga, pilates, and stretching. And it’s been really good for my mental state.

That’s all I’ve got. I know, what a let down, after I’ve been talking about this post for weeks. I even had someone remind me I’d promised it. I know. I’m just a really bad blogger right now.

I’ve noticed a massive shift in my overall mental state, especially on the days I do one of those things. I want to preach it; preach yoga, preach stretching, preach taking time out to focus on your breathing, your thoughts, and the way your body feels. 

But I’ve been struggling for weeks to find the words to describe how it feels, why it helps me so much.

So just do it, and find out for yourself. 

Take some time for yourself, to really just be with yourself. Erase your mind of everything, or even take the time to quietly problem solve, in an anxiety- and pressure-free zone. 

Take deep breaths and pay attention to how each breath feels. Notice how your body feels. How it feels to move it, and how it feels to stay still.

Make a playlist of good, calming music. Or even remain in silence; silence can be really refreshing. Put down the glass of water (don’t know what I’m talking about? Read my anti-anxiety blog post here).

It’s nice to take time to just stop everything. Just pause, and have some you time. 

Take time to acknowledge your feelings, emotions and thoughts. Everything can seem a bit overwhelming at times, with work, family and relationship stresses stacking and overlapping one another. So it can be really helpful to take the time in a safe, quiet space to acknowledge everything you’re feeling. 

I found it hard to put into words the way being more mindful has been helping my mental state recently, maybe because I still find myself so stressed a short time after I put away the yoga mat. But every time I have another stretch or relaxation session, the resulting zen and happiness lasts a little longer. Maybe soon my adopting of mindfulness will assist in ridding my life of unnecessary stress completely, and I will finally achieve a life where I feel less overwhelmed and more in control. We’ll see. In the meantime, I’ll stick to my bursts of happiness once or twice a day with my new mandala yoga mat. 



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