The Cursed Child Screenplay

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child 

Phenomenal, as always. Every time I enter the Harry Potter world I am swept away again. I just read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child for the second time. It took me twice as long this time; and by that, I mean rather than demolishing it in one sitting like the first time I read it, I read it over two evenings. I know. I’m slipping. 

The first time I read it, I sat on the edge of the bed, biting my nails and making audible exclamations whenever anything happened, or if I got a look into the old Harry Potter world I know and love. This time round was more enjoyable in some ways; I knew what to expect, and I knew my whole world wasn’t about to be shattered. The first read was tense, anything could’ve happened. Like, I honestly will never be able to think of the Trolley Witch from the Hogwarts Express in the same way. But apart from that, I think they did a stellar job of not ruining it, and my love for Harry Potter remains in tact. 

You know what I’ve never really been able to wrap my head around? Time travel. It doesn’t make sense to me. Like whenever I watch Back to the Future? I get so confused trying to think it through logically. 

If Harry and Hermione and stuff captured Delphi in the past in 1981, and transported her back into the present handcuffed and captured, how was she still able to do all the things that lead to her being captured? If she’d been captured since 1981? Also, what? I lost my train of thought mid-sentence, because I couldn’t make sense of it. And in the alternate universe when Scorpius was known as Scorpion King, Albus didn’t exist because Harry had died in the Battle of Hogwarts. So how did Scorpius know about Albus, and remember the life/universe he had come from? Does that even make sense? I don’t know. Time travel is hard. 

I thought what they did with Severus Snape was really sweet, obviously they had to make sure he was included when they went back in time. And the scene with Harry having that little d&m with Dumbledore nearly made me cry. Dumbledore just loved Harry so much! There I go again, getting all emotional. I was so glad McGonagall was still at Hogwarts, what an amazing woman. Whenever Hermione, Draco, Harry, Ginny and Ron were together and they were trying to come up with a plan to save Scorpius and Albus, I still pictured them all as teens getting involved in conflicts they know nothing about. It felt weird that Hermione was actually the Minister for Magic, and they weren’t just running around willy-nilly blaming everything they don’t understand on greasy-haired teachers like they once had. (“I know we were wrong for the last few years, but the bad guy is Snape this time, I’m sure of it!”). 

But also, where were Lily and James? Harry’s kids I mean, not his parents, as I know all too well what happened to them. The whole book was about Albus, I so would have loved to hear more about Harry’s other kids. And, for that matter, to find out about the other original characters, like George (poor George! How has he survived without Fred?), Mrs Weasley, and everyone else they went to school with. 

I originally thought I’d hate reading a screenplay, but I honestly just got used to the format and I actually like it. The stage directions and stuff are even kind of humorous. So that’s why I went on to read the screenplay of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which I am planning to re-read again soon, so sit tight for that blog review.

So if you’re a serious Harry Potter fan and you still haven’t read the Cursed Child for fear they will ruin it; trust me. It’s okay. My love for Harry is unwavering, and this screenplay just adds another text for me to rotate between when I need another Harry hit. I’m like a drug addict, and I’ve just discovered a new drug that’s not as strong as my favourite, but is a good filler drug for days when I want something a little weaker, a little different. That’s a terrible analogy because I don’t understand drugs, but you catch my drift. If I can like the Cursed Child, so can you. 
Recommend it? Yes, I truly do

Read before bed? Yes, but only if you have enough time to read the whole thing, because it’s really tough to put down

Cry-worthy? For the fellow original Harry Potter lovers, for sure 

Re-readable? Clearly must be 

Potential to fall in love with characters? Not in the traditional sense, but you definitely develop a soft spot for them

Score /10? I’d say a solid 8/10


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