The glass of water

Rosie’s take on… Anti-anxiety analogy
My sister used this really great analogy the other day, and since it’s so relevant to me right now (and apparently I can’t come up with my own blog post ideas), I’ve used it as inspiration for this post. 

I have a really big problem with overthinking, and it’s been particularly bad as of late. A lot of things have changed that have been out of my control, and as a result I find it really difficult to make decisions, worried I’ll regret the consequences. I’ve also been overthinking in social situations, making usually trivial interactions stressful and unnecessarily difficult.

One of my younger sisters is quite an anxious person, and my older sister recently told her this analogy to help. 

You can fill a glass with water and hold it, and it’s not heavy, it’s not a burden. But if you hold the glass all day, by the end of the day it’s heavy, it’s no longer harmless. Hold onto it all day, and you become paralysed. 

A little bit of anxiety and stress is okay and manageable, but if you hold onto it all day, the pressure builds and builds and weighs you down. That small, insignificant concern cumulates until it is a much bigger issue. Hold onto it all day, and you become paralysed, incapable of doing anything. 

We need to learn to put the glass of water down.

Life is supposed to have a little bit of stress, it’s normal to get a little bit anxious. But if you hold onto it all the time, it gets harder to deal with and becomes overwhelming.

Thinking through a decision before you make it can be important, but there’s a limit. It shouldn’t become a stressful experience, especially in daily tasks like choosing what to have for lunch or how to respond in social situations. 

Lately, my social awkwardness makes me doubt everything I say and do, and I know many other people who suffer from the same fate. Put down the glass of water. 

I’ve had an overwhelming few days, I’ve been holding the glass of water really tight and high above my head for days now. 

But it’s important to remember to put down the glass. Not just me, all of us. Take a few deep breaths. I don’t know about you, but I’m doing everything I can. For now, that will be enough. 

Inhale. Exhale. 


3 thoughts on “The glass of water

  1. This is a wonderful post and bonus points for your sister for sharing that analogy. I also have been getting stressed out in certain social situations for no reason at all so this post was perfect for me 🙂

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