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I’ve said before how much I love books (don’t believe me? Read my blog dedicated to them here). And as such, while bearing in mind my desire to continuously do more of what makes me happy (as explained in my blog post here), I have started reading more. I have also started talking about what I’m reading more. I continuously struggle to find books I want to read, and I am continuously inundating my long-suffering boyfriend with pointless (to him) facts from the books I read. Thus, I have created a new outlet for my book excitement. Welcome to the new branch of Rosie’s take on, where I talk about books and the English language and stuff. I know, I’m excited too.

So please, at any time, should you find a book you love and think I would love – or, alternatively, hated and want me to suffer through – please feel free to recommend them to me! I’m one of those crazy people that actually loves reading more than anything, and being told which books to read makes the process of choosing what to read next much simpler, and also means I have someone other than myself to blame should I hate it.

So get around me in the latest venture on my blog! And happy reading!



6 thoughts on “Books books books

  1. I have A Series of Unfortunate Events on my bookshelf, which I read when I was a kid. I’ve always wondered about reading them again, if only just a few chapters to see what it was like. But after seeing that it tainted your memories, I don’t know if I’m curious anymore.

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