One year later

Rosie’s take on… This time last year 
A lot of stuff can change in a year. I posted this blog post exactly a year ago today. It’s the blog I posted announcing my acceptance into my intern abroad program, and my intentions for going to New York City in July 2016, possibly not returning to Perth at the end.

The reason I wanted to go intern abroad hasn’t changed. I wanted to do something new, see a new part of the world, and get some invaluable experience for my resume. And I did all of those things. 

But the other main reason I wanted to leave Perth was because I didn’t have any ties here anymore. I was blissfully happily single and had no intention of changing that. And my family were half living in Brisbane, half in Canada. 

Between announcing my trip in January, and actually leaving in July, nearly all of those circumstances changed. 

Isn’t it funny that as soon as you decide to stay single for a nice long time, and are so far away from looking for a partner, someone amazing walks into your life and sweeps you off your feet? In March 2016, enter my amazing knight in shining armour. Oh s*%#. Why did I commit to 2 months away? How am I supposed to leave this incredible guy I’m just getting to know? I agree to be his girlfriend in April, and I roll my eyes at the irony that I was so happily single for so long, right until I was due to leave for a life-changing trip. Typical. 

Also in April, my family moved back. Yep. I wanted to leave Perth because my family weren’t here anyway, so I could miss them from New York. But then they moved back. Pair that with some pretty serious, sudden family problems, and I found myself wanting to cancel my trip to be with my family. I’m so glad I didn’t give in to my desire to stay home, and went on my trip regardless of the family issues. Otherwise I would have missed out on the best experience of my life. 

It worked out great on the boyfriend front, too. My boyfriend flew over to NYC after my 2 months, and we had the best holiday of our lives together, exploring the best city in the world. 

One year ago today, I had no idea what the year had in store for me. I was excited, but I couldn’t have guessed how life-changing my experience was going to be. I’m so glad I took the leap, despite my fear of change, and despite all the things that changed from when I booked it till when I actually left.

On this day last year, I never could have guessed my whole experience would have ended up the way it did. But I’m so glad it did. And now I’m so glad to be living in Perth with my family and amazing boyfriend, dreaming of my time in New York City, grateful for how things worked out. 


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