101 things (part 2) 

Rosie’s take on… 101 things I dislike 
I wrote a list about 101 things I like. You can read about it (and who I stole the idea from, and who he stole the idea from, and so on) here. So I decided to write a list of 101 things I dislike. And believe me for the bitter person I am, this list is far from exhaustive. Enjoy! 

1. Smudges on my glasses

2. When the second toe is significantly longer than the big toe

3. Golf 

4. People that pronounce ‘forehead’ like ‘foh-red’ 

5. Leap years 

6. People who don’t sit in their assigned seat at the cinemas 

7. Milk by itself

8. The concept of ‘milk’ made from things that don’t even have nipples (almond milk??) 

9. Pushy vegans 

10. People who try to tell me Coke and Pepsi are the same 

11. Meat pies that don’t have enough gravy 

12. Cooked apple 

13. Shower curtains 

14. People who put reindeer antlers on their car at Christmas 

15. Having to have a job to survive 

16. People who say “two thousand and sixteen” instead of “twenty sixteen” 

17. Tomatoes

18. When Fred Weasley dies 

19. The smell of burrito on my hands all day after a leaky burrito 

20. When dogs lick my face 

21. My hair when it rains 

22. Guys with long fingernails 

23. Freshly mown grass smell 

24. Mayo 

25. Chicken Run

26. Hayfever 

27. When your much anticipated chicken nuggets from KFC have a pube on them (true story) 

28. Jon Favreau 

29. When movies miss important parts from the book

30. When the weather is below 25 degrees when it’s supposed to be summer 

31. Slow walkers in shopping centres, especially at Christmas 

32. People who are dumb in their cars in parking lots 

33. Judith, my old property manager 

34. That you need experience to get a job but can’t get experience without the job

35. Really skinny babies 

36. Sparkling water 

37. What Americans call ‘lemonade’ 

38. Citrus 

39. The smell of tree on your hands when you rub a leaf together in them

40. When a bug flies into your car through the open window

41. Wet willies (of the wet finger in the ear variety) 

42. Mosquitos 

43. People that say “should of” 

44. “Ain’t no mountain high enough” 

45. Puzzles 

46. Having to repeat yourself because they didn’t listen 

47. Putting your exposed, vulnerable foot into a pair of slippers you haven’t used since last winter

48. Crows 

49. Spending money on fuel 

50. How Apple keeps changing the emojis 

51. Political correctness

52. Sand on my hands or feet 

53. Young people having kids and calling them dumb names 

54. Tequila 

55. Girls working in customer service that are younger than me but call me ‘love’ 

56. Naked pillows and quilts without their covers on 

53. People that say ‘ing’ words as ‘ink’. There’s somethink wrong with you

54. Rooms with no windows 

55. Jam 

56. Insect repellent smell 

57. When your sock slips down into your shoe 

58. Dolores Umbridge 

59. Kids screaming in public

60. That annoying YouTube guy my boyfriend always watches with the annoying accent 

61. Dark hallways 

62. Mint chocolate 

63. The idea of time travel 

64. “I ran in a race” ribbons 

65. That balding guy from Seinfeld, but when he plays that sleaze in Pretty Woman 

66. Mustard 

67. Non-nonstick pans 

68. When you’re in a wheelie office chair and wheel over your foot

69. Clothing retail customer interactions like: “Hi””I’M JUST BROWSING” 

70. Making decisions 

71. Girls trying on clothes in stores and leaving all their makeup on the clothes they don’t buy 

72. People that mistake my Aussie accent for British or Kiwi 

73. The feeling of oil on my hands 

74. “My child is 48 months old” 

75. Moisturiser that doesn’t soak in 

76. Snails 

77. Visible underwear lines 

78. Puppets

79. Being itchy 

80. Sponge smell 

81. People who don’t like Jim Carrey 

82. Pineapple. Especially on pizza 

83. Trying to mop the floor when there’s still dust and hair on the floor 

84. When you lose the Snapchat streak you’ve spent more than 365 days collecting 

85. People who hate dogs 

86. When you’re clothes shopping and pick up something you think is a dress but it’s actually a playsuit 

87. Cherry ripes

88. When people try to tell me the uni years are the best years of life 

89. Socks that are longer than ankle socks 

90. Johnny Depp

91. Public toilets that run out of toilet paper 

92. Candles that burn unevenly 

93. Taxes 

94. Old women in sheer tights at the gym 

95. Those water bottles with a built in straw 

96. Curtains 

97. Emily in Friends 

98. Outie belly buttons 

99. Being told what to do 

100. The final season of How I Met Your Mother 

101. How fast 2016 has gone 

And with that, I leave you for the year! 

Thanks for all the support in 2016, see you in 2017!! 


6 thoughts on “101 things (part 2) 

  1. So many of these are brilliant. The assigned seat thing at the movies… I actually devoted a blog post to that and other movie theater pet peeves. Oh, and the Coke vs. Pepsi thing… If I’m at a restaurant and the server asks if Pepsi is okay after I’ve ordered a Coke, I’m tempted to ask if he’s cool with me paying in Monopoly money. No. Pepsi is not okay.

    Liked by 1 person

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