101 things 

Rosie’s take on… 101 things I like 
I stole this idea from Paul, who adapted it after he stole it from Aaron, who stole it from Jess… I guess they’re not wrong when they say no idea is original, eh?

So here we go, a list of 101 things I like, in no preference order whatsoever, literally in whatever order they came to me. Enjoy. 

1. Summer 

2. Gravy 

3. The smell of books 

4. Tiny baby onesies 

5. Cheese

6. Women’s clothes that actually have pockets 

7. The word ‘aesthetic’ 

8. Correcting grammatical errors 

9. Shortening words when I’m speaking; I’m hilar 

10. Cracking my toes 

11. Semi-colons 

12. Wearing sports crops or bralettes instead of a bra 

13. When you’ve been wearing jeans for months and it’s finally warm enough for shorts

14. Things that rhyme 

15. Beards

16. My boyfriend’s beard 

17. Microwaves 

18. Cleaning my ears with cotton buds 

19. Singing loudly in my car 

20. The beach 

21. Harry Potter

22. When JK Rowling writes a book under a different name. Or any JK Rowling book, really 

23. My iPhone 

24. Wearing makeup, but only if I’m in the right mood 

25. Burritos 

26. Cooking, baking and eating homemade cooked and baked goods 

27. Looking through old photos 

28. Those individually wrapped slices of plastic cheese 

29. People that greet you with a hug

30. Pretty smelling candles and perfumes 

31. The smell of a roast 

32. A breeze through open windows and doors in summer 

33. Freshly shaved legs on freshly washed sheets in bed 

34. Ugly clothes nobody else likes 

35. Pizza

36. People that make me laugh

37. Having a good cry to a sad movie or book

38. Wearing oversized tees with no pants 

39. Fresh nails 

40. People with long eyelashes

41. Potato 

42. Ellen DeGeneres 

43. That freshly baked bread smell 

44. New York City 

45. Lorna Jane activewear 

46. Red lipstick 

47. Emojis 

48. Rom coms 

49. When a dog is nearly barking and just let’s out that little warning growl 

50. Milo

51. In Elf when Buddy makes spaghetti and adds maple syrup, chocolate and lollies and eats it 

52. Wearing rings 

53. Star Wars 

54. Finishing a big bowl of pasta bake and going back to the dish and eating the cheese off the top of the leftovers 

55. Baby goats 

56. Disney 

57. Puppies 

58. William Shakespeare 

59. When someone says they’re proud of you 

60. Christmas 

61. The moment you clock out of work and realise it’s the weekend 

62. When people talk about their biggest passion 

63. Jayden Bermingham 

64. Pet names 

65. Even numbers, and numbers divisible by 5

66. Carbs 

67. Buying new clothes and wearing them everyday for a week 

68. Freshly waxed eyebrows 

69. Alcohol 

70. Giving and receiving massages 

71. Dinner and movie dates 

72. Chinese food

73. Meg Cabot and all of her characters 

74. Instagram 

75. KFC 

76. Writing my blog, of course 

77. My sisters 

78. Breathing in really deeply 

79. “Would you rather” 

80. When you let another car in and they give you that little wave of appreciation 

81. People that deliver good customer service 

82. Squats

83. Feta 

84. Giving gifts 

85. Rewatching Friends instead of ever getting into a new TV show 

86. Using movie quotes in every day life 

87. Girls named typically boys names 

88. Tattoos

89. Friends that you don’t talk to all the time, but still happily hear from every now and then 

90. Being the little spoon

91. Animals that use their tiny little hands to hold things like humans 

92. Puns 

93. Chicken 

94. Nikes 

95. Music that makes you remember a particular moment from the past 

96. Fresh haircut feels 

97. People that use your name when they’re talking to you 

98. Spam texting 

99. The way that otters hold hands when they’re sleeping so they don’t drift away from each other

100. Marshmallows 

101. People that like reading lists as much as I like writing them 

Now that y’all know what I like, I will be accepting late Christmas presents. Also yes, I realise I mention cheese in like four different parts. I just really love cheese, okay. 

Probably coming soon: 101 things I dislike.

(Also after I finished the list I thought of a million other things I like, so this list is in no way exhaustive, and will probably have a sequel in the weeks to come. Keep your eyes peeled for the next exciting instalment of “What Rosie Likes”, folks.) 


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