Santa baby

Rosie’s take on… A letter to Santa 
I got this idea from Paul over at The Captain’s Speech who wrote a letter to Santa from his 7 year old self, and encouraged everyone to do the same. But I’m not that good at obeying instructions, or being told what to do, so here’s a letter to Santa from my current, 21 year old self. 

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is some good food and a solid mid-afternoon nap. 

Forget what I said when I was younger, when I used to force Mum to lie down with me to get me to sleep. I want all the naps I abused back when I was a child. 

I also want a nice kitchen and vouchers for Kmart, Big W and Spotlight, to go buy homewares for the house you’re bringing me this year. I want enough money to buy all the towels and bed sheets my heart desires. 

I want a gym membership, and I want broccoli that tastes like the cheese and bacon shapes I am constantly craving. 

I want a job where I can write from home in my pjs and/or workout gear and get paid big dollars for it, so I can spend most of my time cooking or outside enjoying the summer. 

I want you to pay for my fuel, car insurance, groceries and phone bill. Even for just a month, just for a break. 

I want March to be just a little bit further away, I am not quite ready to turn 22 yet. I also want summer to last until at least next August.

I want to have my eyebrows magically waxed while I’m sleeping overnight, so I don’t need to find the time and money to go get them actually waxed. Nobody likes squeezing it in right before a shift at work, and getting to spend the rest of the day with red eyebrow puffiness. 

I want a personal car wash, so my car is always clean and I don’t have to do it myself, or find the time to drive through one. I want the interior of my car cleaned too, so I don’t have to feel as cluttered. 

I want a proper immune system that actually stops me from getting sick. And I want to wake up tomorrow, on Christmas Day, without the sore throat that has been plaguing my existence for days.

A wise, wonderful man once said “the best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear.” And even if I haven’t been a good girl all year, at least my spreading of the Christmas cheer has surely landed me on the nice list. The playlist I’ve been listening to every day since mid-November is solely made up of Christmas carols. So, as payment for spreading the cheer, I will accept a large tub of marinated feta, some French onion dip with crackers and a bottle of wine.

For Christmas I want less stress and more energy. On Christmas Day I want a tan, a nap, some good food, and cuddles with my man in the evening time. 

Thanks Santa. Say ‘what’s up’ to the missus for me. 



21 years old 



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  1. Reblogged this on The Captain's Speech and commented:
    Hello Australia! it looks like my “write a letter to Santa” challenge is taking over the world. Go check out Rosie’s letter to Santa before it’s too late. She’s only a few hours away from celebrating Christmas over in Australia!

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