Some days / Summer days

Rosie’s take on… Some days
Sometimes you can have the absolute worst day. Some days nothing particularly bad happens, but you get to the end of the day and are exhausted and everything feels wrong. And that’s okay. It’s okay to have one, two, three of those days in a row, or even a month of those days. That’s okay.

Because then suddenly one day, it won’t feel like everything is wrong. One day you’ll have a good day, and at the end of it everything will seem like it went right. And even if it only lasts for one day, nothing can take that good day away from you. 

Some days you’ll make the decision to actually get up and workout like you promised yourself the night before. Some days you’ll drag yourself to your workout spot and smash it out. On those days you might feel satisfied, energetic and in control of your life. You might finally feel the motivation you’ve been lacking since returning from your holiday. You might impress yourself with your dedication to the workout. You might be proud.

Some days the weather will finally be hot enough to go to the beach. Some days you’ll drag your obedient, fair-skinned, avid computer playing boyfriend to the beach, and you’ll swim to the pontoon and watch him do backflips off it. Some days you’ll smother him in sunscreen to protect his porcelain skin. And on those days you might have fish and chips for lunch and icecream after your swim. You might realise how lucky you are to have such a caring, supportive partner, and you might realise he’s always there even on days unlike this. On those days you might burn the bottom of your feet on the sand, and be happy about it because it means summer is finally on its way. And you might get to the end of the day and relish that sunkissed feel to your skin, where some of the warmth of the sun can still be felt. On those days you might appreciate how some extra colour to your skin makes you look and feel more alive. 

And some days you might catch up with some friends you haven’t seen in a long time. You might get to talk, gossip and laugh with them for a few hours. And on those days you might actually feel you have an occasion you deem worthy of going to the effort of applying makeup (even lipstick!). And you might love it. You might borrow a new piece of clothing from your 16 year old sister, and fall in love with the lipstick you stole from her. You might make your 11 year old sister take photos of you. You might feel pretty for putting in the effort and doing your hair and makeup and wearing new clothes. You might eat and drink soft drink to your hearts content, while you reminisce with your old friends about the good old days. You might drive home happier than you’ve felt in a while, satisfied about your decision to go and socialise. You might be too happy and energetic to go to bed, so on those days you might stay up writing a blog post for the first time in ages, because on those days you might suddenly feel motivated. Maybe even motivated enough to get up and workout again tomorrow, like you always promise yourself but lately don’t always commit to. 

Not every day is going to be one of those days, not every day will end with laughter, happiness and sunkissed skin. But not every day will be lived in sadness, either. So even if tomorrow feels like everything’s wrong, today was a good day. 

10/10 photography from my little sister

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