Back to reality

Rosie’s take on… I’m home

Can I just say, when I went away for two and a half months and decided to return at the end of September, I kind of assumed the weather would be somewhat nice, or at least bearable. So wtf is this!? 

Yeah, so fall was setting in back in NYC and it was a little cool. But by ‘cool’ I mean like 25 degrees everyday. Not 10. Yep, TEN DEGREES. Which is exactly how many degrees it was when I landed in Perth this morning. It’s like, “welcome back, Rosie, enjoy this display of horrendous weather to remind you how comparatively beautiful New York weather is right now”. I should never have left until I was positive the weather would be warmer in Perth than New York. I’m a fool. 

We landed around 17 hours ago, and I can already say I’m ready to go back. I’ve said hello to my family, my boyfriends family, and both families dogs. Now surely I can leave the cold, miserable weather, the heinous distance I have to drive between my Mums and my boyfriends houses (has everything in Perth always been this spread out?), and the knowledge that I now apparently have to be a fully-functioning adult again, and go back to amazing New York, with the amazingly convenient subway system and amazing escape from reality and all my problems. 

In the past, whenever I’ve returned from a holiday I’ve always been somewhat happy or relieved, as I usually get homesick. But not this time. No, siree. It sucks when you’re away, blissfully ignorant to anything going on back at home, totally zen and escaping reality, responsibilities, emotions and hardships from home, and then all of a sudden you have to return to face it all. With the burning desire to be back in that amazing city, some serious jetlag and sleep deprivation, strong cravings for a hot pretzel, and the lingering symptoms of a cold, I feel too weak to deal with my reality back in cold, rainy Perth. 

Another holiday, anyone? 


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