NYC Rhyme Time

Rosie’s take on… Inspired by NYC

The city that never sleeps, the place where dreams come true,
After 2 months, I love it through and through.
The blocks, the avenues, each numbered street,
The very real and dangerous desire to continuously overeat.

Concrete jungle, rising and grinding with the stony-faced commuters,
All together on their subway journey to work; nurses, lawyers, tutors.
Those who drive are rushed and angry-faced, liberal with their horn,
Treating each other and the passing pedestrians with a bitter feeling of scorn.

If only buffalo chicken was a thing back in Perth,
I feel like that’s the thing my hearts been searching for since birth.
Americans sure do know how to do good food,
Liquid cheese or hot sauce, surely every meal must include.

Tackling the subway system was a big challenge, at first.
Getting on the train going the wrong direction, for the first few days I cursed.
But now, some of the lines, I know like the back of my hand.
And in my favourite borough in particular, I can get anywhere I need to be on demand.

There’s something truly great about staying somewhere longer than others try,
I see there’s so much more to this city than that first meets the eye.
I see all the goodies; Times Square, Lady Liberty, the lot.
But there’s something great about living here, to see the sights the tourists do not.

Glamour and prestige where I stay in the Upper East Side,
But just a few stops further on the subway and there’s a clear class divide.
With 8 million people across all 5 boroughs around,
Each person is represented; from every race, class and background.

Central Park, abuzz from the first sign of daylight with energy to spare,
People running, cycling, enjoying the outdoors everywhere.
There’s nothing like seeing people up in the morning with the same idea,
You’re not the only person up at 6 running around out here.

Little Italy with its restaurants of pasta and pizza galore,
The breath-taking view from Top of the Rock leaving me in awe.
DUMBO with its view of Manhattan across the East River,
Everywhere you go, a new, great sight the city will deliver.

“Want to buy my product?” Street vendors call to me,
People wander around singing, for they live in the land of the free.
On the subway, you’ll get to watch as a guy shows off his dance moves,
Someone will give him a ‘whoop’ or a dollar, to show that she approves.

My internship itself, I learnt so much each and every day,
Writing blogs, researching, even a few games of Beer Pong to play.
The team I worked with and got to know well, I owe them quite a lot,
Even if they didn’t understand my slang, and I had to explain it more often than not.

Seven weeks so far, only three more to go,
This city has changed me more than anyone’ll ever know.
To leave so soon is going to be such a pity,
And I’ll leave a little bit of me behind in New York City.

IMG_3899.JPGP.s. Happy 1st birthday to my blog!!


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