Oh, the places you’ll go!

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It’s no secret that I hate change. I’ve always been a homebody, the longest I’ve ever been away from home (before this trip) was just over three weeks. When I planned this trip to New York, as I’ve said before, it was only because everyone else I cared about had left Perth (typical that they would all return just before I left). I probably never would have planned this if all of my family were still in Perth, I never would have wanted to leave.

I realise now that that would have been a huge mistake. I would have missed out on so much.

I’m sure after I’ve lived in this amazing city for a total of 10 weeks (I’m already 6 weeks in!), I don’t think I could ever leave and never come back. It has honestly changed me. This city has stolen my heart. It’s inevitable that in my future, hopefully not too distant, I will be coming back to New York City. Maybe for a short amount of time, maybe even longer than I have this time, who knows? But I am positive that I will return. I have to. I have to believe that I will, otherwise my boyfriend will have to drag me onto the plane in 4 weeks time; I will not want to leave.

I went my whole life assuming I didn’t particularly care for travelling. I figured I would have my one adventure in New York, and then was set on going back to Perth and saving for a house and getting settled in a career and being an adult with a mortgage and responsibilities. But that image doesn’t really fit in with my new idea of endless options; moving to New York City for a while eventually (for months or years, I don’t know), or going back to San Francisco, or going to Canada, or New Zealand, or all of the other endless opportunities the world presents.

So, even if you’ve always thought you didn’t want to travel; reconsider. Just honestly humour the idea. If you have ever considered it, try it. I would hate for you to get to eighty and realise you’ve never done anything except be settled with a mortgage, a job and a heap of pets, and gone to Bali once a year and claim you’re happy with that level of travelling, even though you once dreamed of places you can only imagine. I know I want to see the world. And if you’ve ever for a second wanted it, I want you to see the world. There is plenty of time to be a responsible adult. Don’t waste the time when you’re young and literally encouraged to drop everything and go travel the world, on thinking you need to be grown up right away. I know there’s plenty of time to travel later in life, too, don’t get me wrong. But it’s a heck of a lot easier if you don’t have so many prior responsibilities and ties keeping you home.

I’m not saying it can’t be done. My older sister has a mortgage in Perth, and she was in Canada for nine months two years in a row. My other older sister has a dog in Perth, and she stayed in Canada for ten months. My parents travelled internationally with their five kids in tow. You absolutely can travel when you have a job, pets, kids and a house. It just seems to be a lot more convenient to travel before you make those ties that tether you to your home, and have so many other financial responsibilities.

I really don’t want this post to come off as negative towards people that haven’t travelled, or choose not to travel. I know plenty of amazing people who have never wanted to travel and are wonderfully happy settled with their home and their partner and their pet. I respect it. That was, up until so recently, my main goal. And I still want that for myself and my future. But this city has honestly changed me. Even if I never end up seeing all of the world, if I never go back to Europe or I never end up seeing what all the fuss is about Bali and Thailand, I have to believe that at the very least I will come back to New York City one day.

If you’ve ever considered travelling, do it. I can guarantee you won’t regret the trips you went on. But you sure as hell can regret all the ones you didn’t. Travel the world. It’s magnificent. See how other people live. Experience the weather in a different place. Eat new food. Get drunk with the locals. Listen to different accents. Have people mock your accent. Explore and learn and be motivated. Go into sensory overload.

If you’ve ever even briefly considered it, do it. I cannot stress that enough. I had briefly entertained the idea of interning abroad for months in my final year of uni, but I was kind of detached from it. I knew it sounded like an amazing opportunity and a great idea, but for someone else. It wasn’t for me, I couldn’t see me actually doing it. And if a few things had happened differently, I might not have actually done it. But I have been grateful every day for the last six weeks that everything happened the way it did, and made me want to click that ‘apply’ button on the Intern Group website eight months ago, and that now I won’t turn around when I’m eighty and wonder ‘what if?’

The thing that gets me is so many people have told me how jealous they are of me. “You’re in New York City!” they say, “I am SO jealous!” But they don’t need to be jealous, they can do it. They can work for it to, just like I did, just like you can. And it’s so worth it. If it’s something you want to do, why are you just wishing you could do it, instead of actually doing it?

My time here has gone crazy  fast. It seems like everything is in a progressive fast forward, like someone clicked fast forward when I first graduated high school and every year since they’ve upped the speed. So far, this year has been the craziest of my life, I have had my highest and lowest moments. Somehow it’s already the end of August, when I remember bringing in New Year’s like it was last week. I have one week left at my internship (that blows my mind!) and then I have a week of exploring before my incredible boyfriend flies across the world to join me for our first amazing adventure together. I am so excited to share the end of my trip with him, to share this city with him and explore together. But don’t be afraid to travel alone. I think that always stopped me before, there was nobody that I wanted to travel with that were in a position to go travelling. It never occurred to me to travel alone until I did. I have made some amazing friends over here, so if I don’t want to be alone, I don’t have to be. But I honestly love spending time by myself. You can make up your own agenda and move at your own pace, you don’t need to compromise and can do what you want to do 100% of the time. But if I’ve been unable to convince you, and you still don’t want to travel alone, I put my hand up to come with you. I’ll volunteer myself for you, I guess. Y’know, if I have to.

And though I’ve been bitten by the travel bug, and I would love to keep travelling and then come back to New York City for Christmas and New Years, I will be returning to Perth at the end of September as planned, and getting a job – and probably finding somewhere to live, I guess. Living in the Big Apple for 10 weeks, working an unpaid position, can really wear down the savings, and realistically I have to make some money before I can fulfil any more of my travel dreams. But I know when I leave New York in 4 short weeks time, I won’t be saying goodbye to this amazing city; I’ll be saying “see you later”.

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2 thoughts on “Oh, the places you’ll go!

  1. I’m so glad you’ve shared your journey with us! You’re right. We shouldn’t be jealous of you, we should be working toward traveling ourselves! Enjoy the rest of your time in the states!

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