Hey there Delilah

Rosie’s take on… What’s it like in New York City?

I’ve been here nearly three weeks already! Which is insane, because it feels like it’s gone so fast. But also, it simultaneously feels like I’ve lived in this city forever. It feels like home in a weird way. Must be the weather and the comfort food.

There’s a few odd things I’ve noticed about New York City. A few inconveniences, even. Like, there’s pretty much nowhere to sit. Good luck finding a nice park bench to cop a squat, anywhere other than Central Park. Good luck going out for lunch with a group of people and managing to find somewhere to sit to eat. And good luck to you if you happen to get one of those heinous bagel places that gives you the cream cheese separate from the bagel so you have to spread it on yourself; you have to accept you won’t be eating that bad boy the way you originally intended it. Heaven forbid you should want to actually sit down to add the cream cheese and eat your bagel. Oh no. I guess since most of the time nobody gets a seat on the subway, they’re kind of used to being forced to stand up. 

I’ve gotten over the whole subway courtesy thing real damn fast. If I see a spare seat, I’ll fight you for it. I ain’t standing the whole way to Brooklyn anymore, no thank you. But at the same time, I get serious fits of rage when I see someone that needs a seat and nobody offers them one. I’ll take the last seat, I don’t care. But only if it’s a competition solely between me and other able-bodied people. I’ll jump right up if I see a pregnant lady, old person or kid that needs a seat. I swear, I’m one more able-bodied-eighteen-year-old-refusing-to-give-up-his/her-seat-for-an-old-person-with-a-walking-stick away from being that crazy person grumbling grumpily to myself under my breath on the subway. And like New York needs any more of those. 

Everything outside is kind off lowkey… Wet? Like there’s random puddles of I don’t even know what all over the street? Like, all the time? Fair enough it’s been pretty rainy over the last few days, but it was well and truly sunny summer weather prior to that. How are there pot holes filled with water everywhere?

I thought New York City was supposed to be super fast paced. Which in some ways it is, I guess. But if it’s so fast paced, why am I faced every single time I’m on the subway platform or in the street with a serious case of road rage trying to walk past the dawdlers acting as if they’re strolling along the beach at sunset? Knees to chest bitch, I got places to be. 

I’ve also had to get over my intense fear of drains and my utter refusal to stand on them. In my fits of road rage and attempted overtaking, I would not get anywhere if I refused to stand on drains. Those things are everywhere. Not to mention all the terrifying subway grates. Total nightmare. I just kind of skip over them as fast as humanly possible and thank my lucky stars I didn’t fall in. I go between “this is NYC, so many people walk on it every day, it has to be fine.” And “this is NYC, so many people walk on it every day, it’s only a matter of time until it falls in!” Like, daily. 

I keep forgetting that not only do cars drive on the wrong sides of the road, but everyone goes up escalators and stairs the wrong side. I don’t even know what’s right and wrong anymore. I just pick a side and stick with it.

It’s summer, so a lot of women are wearing sundresses and the likes. Something I’ve started to notice, a lot, (but not in like, a creepy way), is how often women go braless. I respect it on such a deep level. I could be wrong but it’s not something I’ve particularly noticed happening at home, just like in every day wear, on any sort of frequent basis. But the New York women are onto it. Like yeah, if they wore a bra it would totally take away from the pretty detail at the back of the dress, so I see why they did it. And now I’m going to start doing it too. When in New York, after all. 

I’m going to assume it’s not a legal requirement to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle here. If it is, there are a lot of law breakers in New York City. 

I’ve been teaching my American co-workers Aussie slang without even intending to. I’ll just get to the end of a story, and they’ll be like “ha okay, so um, what does sculling mean?” I don’t even know how they understood the story if they didn’t understand that I’d sculled my whole drink at the beginning, but there are so many things I say without even realising they won’t understand it. Ages ago I wrote a blog post on Aussie language, but there are so many things I didn’t even notice were typically Aussie and not understood by the average American. I’m learning from my New Yorker pals too; I have a much better understanding of American politics. Totally a full bottle on the whole Hillary/Bill/Monica Lewinsky thing now. 

Since I last posted, I’ve done more shopping. I got my hair all cut off. I got absolutely drenched in the rain – twice, before I decided to buy an umbrella. I had the worlds best sushi. I got persuaded into going into a bar with free tequila shots. I’ve continued to meet incredible people. I went to an art museum, and as such, learnt I am not sophisticated enough to appreciate most art. I’ve been to Union Square. Had heaps of beer. Went to a play. Went to a rooftop bar. Got really really sunburnt (and peeled). I posted my first blog post for my company. And literally so much else. 

I went for a walk through Central Park after work today; I’ve still only explored such a tiny part of it. It was probably one of my best experiences in New York so far. It was between 6 and 7pm, the weather was perfect and the lighting made the whole park look beautiful. Plus I found an amazing lake and saw actual turtles. I swear I could have cried; I challenge you to find someone that doesn’t love turtles. So many turtles and ducks and I’ve never felt more at peace than I did sitting on those rocks. 

So, turns out the answer to the Plain White T’s age old question is; amazing. New York City is amazing. 

P.S. I am extending my trip by 2 weeks! My amazing boyfriend is flying over in just over 5 weeks and we’re having a holiday together. I know. Romantic as hell. Did someone say “relationship goals”? But seriously. New York City isn’t getting rid of me for a while. 

Also, if you want to see all my NYC photos, follow me on Instagram! @rosiebuchanan for all the NYC aesthetics 🙂 


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