I’m leavin’ today

Rosie’s take on… Destination, New York City! 
7 months ago I applied for an internship abroad program and planned an amazing adventure to New York City. 

I have a pretty serious case of Fear Of Missing Out, so never wanted to leave Perth in case I missed things. But my family were all living in Brisbane or Canada, and I figured I would miss them whether I was at home in Perth or somewhere warmer than Perth is in July; New York City, for example. So I planned this massive adventure and couldn’t believe I would have to wait 7 whole months before it would begin. 

But that feels like it was about 5 minutes ago. And since I decided that I wouldn’t really be missing out on anything if I went to the United States for a few months and therefore booked the trip back in January, my family have moved back to Perth. My sisters have returned from Canada. And I caught myself my amazing boyfriend. 

And I just said goodbye to them all at the departures gate at Perth International Airport, and I’m currently seriously high up in the sky in a big airplane attempting to use Emirates complimentary wifi (technology beats me once again), waiting for the flight attendants to serve my meal as I’ve already eaten too many of my snacks that I packed knowing that I need to eat way more frequently than the average flyer. 

It was just as well January Rosie was way more reckless and had way less ties to Perth than Present Rosie, or I might never have decided to go on this adventure. FOMO is real, and I am terrible at goodbyes. Even if it’s only for 2 months. 

I’ve been in the air for around an hour at this stage. And I’ve already decided that I probably have the worst seat in the place. 

Fellow passengers shouldn’t be allowed to sneak on at the last minute. Here I was for a solid 20 minutes thinking smugly to myself that I was in a row by myself, with nobody in front of me. Nek minnet, a mother and her infant come and sit in front of me. And not like a baby infant that can’t talk and squawk, but one of those annoying infants that can climb all over the chair and stare at you, and can almost talk properly but mostly just cries and whines and says half-formed words while the poor mum pulls out her hair and tries incessantly to shush her tiny Satan. 

But as if that wasn’t enough, a loved-up hippy couple that must have been about the last people to board the plane come sit next to me, so I’m trapped in at the window seat, and the lovebirds get to deal with me getting up to pee every hour as a result of my tiny bladder. But I’ve since decided that I don’t feel bad about this. Oh no. Because they have clearly decided that while it may be 11pm Perth time, and we have an 11 hour flight in front of us and literally the entire cabin is quiet with all the lights dimmed, their conversation is more important than the sleep of everyone in a ten row radius. Not to mention the lovey-dovey baby talk and the kissing. 

Look, I’m not a hater of Public Displays of Affection. In fact, I’m guilty of PDA and baby talk, and I’m not ashamed of it. But I just left my dear boyfriend at departures and won’t be seeing him for 2 months so while it’s sweet that this couple are so happy, I’d really prefer not to have to see it. Or hear it. Thanks. 

Plus, the guy is sneezing non-stop and sniffing at a rate of about 1 sniff every 3 seconds and is speaking loudly to his girlfriend about how sick he is. So knowing the failure that is my immune system, I estimate I have around 10 hours until I start to come down with the same flu. Thanks, oh kindly, loud, germ-filled stranger. Just what I needed to start my trip off well. 

But on the plus side, there are over 500 movies to choose from, the menu for dinner and breakfast offers some delicious sounding options (I’m one of those crazy people that actually like plane food), and soon the flight attendants will be doing the rounds with complimentary wine and spirits. Don’t mind if I do. 

Update: I’ve now arrived in Dubai airport and have managed to figure out their free wifi (the one on the plane got the better of me). Can confirm that those people next to me, with their complaining about poor service, requesting every free alcohol in the place, and loud kissing, were the worst passengers I have ever been stuck next to. Meanwhile, the infant in front of me? Settled down and fell asleep right away and stayed asleep for the whole flight. A 2 year old was literally less disruptive than two adults. Go figure.


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