Domestic goddess at work

Rosie’s take on… De-stressing

I’ve been unemployed for less than a week, and I gotta say, I’m pretty confident this is the life for me. Turns out having a job was the thing stopping me from living the life I want to live. Who knew, right? I’ve had plenty of free time so I’ve started to figure out how to best use that time to rid the stress from my life. 

If you’re ever feeling lost or like you can’t do anything right, cook something.


Just go right ahead and make some food. 

For me, every time I do any sort of domestic goddess act such as cooking dinner, baking, or cleaning I immediately feel 100 times better. 

Also, wine. 

I was feeling lost yesterday afternoon. I don’t know why, it could have something to do with the fact that I’m supposed to be leaving for the adventure of a lifetime in 8 days but my visa still hasn’t come through ha ha haaa (I’m laughing so I don’t cry). Or maybe it’s because somehow it’s already f*&@ing June 2016 when like one second ago it was 2014 ha ha. Or maybe it’s because I’m pretty sure it was just last week I signed my nice long 12 month lease but now suddenly I’m moving out this week. I dunno, just a guess. That might do it. 

But I was feeling lost, whatever the reason, so I went into Liquorland. I just had a lovely weekend away with most of my sisters and my Mum. Which is, let me tell you, one of my favourite ways of de-stressing. I literally ate cheese, dip and crackers all weekend, and can now say with some confidence that marinated feta is the love of my life. As well as all of the food we consumed, Ma and I drank red wine all weekend. I’m not usually a huge red wine fan, but this weekend inspired me so yesterday I went browsing in the red section. And I happened across an absolute beauty; a bottle of red containing 8 standard drinks (about double the strength of the pink moscato bottles I usually reach for), for the unbelievably low price of $4. Score.

(And, admittedly, the taste could be likened to that of, I dunno, battery fluid maybe. But I’m pretty sure most red wines taste like that, and they sure as hell don’t all cost $4. So I’ll count that as a win. I’m training my palate to accept red wine just as I did pink. You know, like an adult.) 

So after my steal at the bottleo, I came home and made soup from a recipe I found on the Internet; pumpkin soup with spinach and ricotta tortellini. Yum. 

Just try to cut up vegetables like pumpkin, potato and onion (tears and all!) and tell me you don’t feel like a domestic goddess/god. You can’t.

Because whether you’re good at cooking or not, cutting up vegetables is pretty simple and extremely satisfying. When you’re cutting those onions, and those tears are coming down your face, eyes streaming, (palms are sweaty, knees week, arms are heavy,) the pure emotion and dedication you’re putting into that meal is so raw that anybody who eats the meal will feel it with each mouthful. It’s science. So you better lose yourself in the soup-making, the moment, you own it. (Eminem references in every day life give me purpose.) 

So I made my soup and poured myself a nice big glass of wine, sat down with an episode of Friends, and you know what? I didn’t feel lost anymore. Yes, I’m still stressed that time is going by so fast and any second now I’ll probably be 55 and bitter about my greying hair, and yes I’m still stressed my visa hasn’t come through yet. But I also know that there’s not an awful lot I can do to make time slow down. And my constant emailing and pestering of my visa person is about all I can do on the visa front too. So I stepped back from the stress, accepted that stressing about it wouldn’t achieve anything and that I’ve done all I can for now, and enjoyed my homemade soup, my strong ass wine, and my favourite TV show of all time.

Now that’s the act of a true domestic goddess. 

The soup tasted better than it looks, I swear!


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