Actions speak louder than words

Rosie’s take on… Appreciating the good ones 
Hey fam, sorry I’ve been MIA for a few weeks. It’s mostly because I’ve been stressed to my brain with stuff that I have to get organised between now and when I move out of my rental and go to NEW YORK CITY – which is in four weeks, just FYI. I know. Just let that sink in. Four weeks. One minute ago I got accepted into the program and was like “aw man now I have to wait six months until I go!” And now suddenly it’s four weeks away. Ok. How???

But anyway, moving on from that, because I could literally write an entire hysterical blog post on how time is going so fast and how I don’t really understand how it’s already 2016 when I’m pretty sure I only just finished year 12 but that was in 2012???

Okay, but seriously. Moving on. Get it together, Rosie. 

I’ve also partly been MIA because I’ve had a tough week dealing with some heartbreaking family news, which I am not prepared to blog about at this stage. But I will just say that it has opened my eyes to those goodies in my life that really care, and those that matter to me the most. 

First of all, massive shoutout to my kind, caring and supportive boyfriend that has been amazing over the last week, providing cuddles and comfort when I need it and making me laugh when I didn’t think it possible. I think I might keep him around. In fact, I think I’ll need to now that he’s seen me cry and it didn’t make him run for the hills. Gotta lock dat down. The gift of flowers and copious amounts of vodka didn’t go astray either. 

Shoutout to the close friends who have provided me with love and support and allowed me to cry on their shoulders, and messaged me or checked in on me to make sure I’m okay. You da real MVP’s. 

Special shoutout to my friend who also happens to be my manager who was so good about letting me have a day off work and then got drunk with me on the weekend. I don’t know many people who can say they would do that with their managers.

And another special shoutout to one of my friends who got a really cute new puppy this week and, on more than one occasion, has come over with said puppy. It’s pretty damn hard to be upset when there’s a chihuahua the size of your hand cuddled up against you.

When you’re going through something significant in your life, it soon becomes clear which are the people that matter the most. 

I’m not here to criticise the people that have upset me with their lack of support, I’m not about to force my problems on them if they don’t want to be involved. But I will just say that the attitude of “aren’t you over that yet?” is not something I was prepared to have to deal with from my friends, especially in relation to this particular problem. I finally fully understand that quote “if you can’t handle me at my worst, you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”

So I’m sending my love and appreciation to all the gems in my life, I’m very grateful to have all of you. This whole experience has been very eye-opening and has changed how I see the world and how I see the people in my life. Much love to all the people supporting me today, and moving forward. And, of course, much much much love to my family who are going through this as well ❤️

And the award for best boyfriend goes to…

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