The ongoing disappointment of my immune system

Rosie’s take on… Being sick again
Yep, it’s happened again. I’ve succumbed to illness once more. Because heaven forbid I should ever be healthy for more than a fortnight at a time. 

I must say, this time around I’m particularly unimpressed. I mean, I’m never happy to be sick. And as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I’m a serious baby when I’m sick. Plus, this bout of the flu is particularly evil – I don’t think I’ve ever felt this under the weather as a result of the common cold. But this time around I’m taking the whole ‘getting sick’ thing particularly hard. 

Last time I was sick, a few short weeks ago, I did the adult thing and went to my doctor. He was concerned I’d been sick so often recently, and so he made me go for a blood test. (I wrote a post about it at the time, and about how goddamn tough I am. You can read it here). So I was a responsible adult and did what the doctor said and had a blood test and even started taking supplements after he told me what levels I needed to bring up to ensure my health and strong immunity. So every morning I take a supplement which I don’t love doing, but whatever. For my health, right? But not only did the doctor say I have to take a supplement, he also advised me of something I should be doing less of. Or, more specifically, drinking less of. He suggested I cut down my consumption of tea. 

That’s right, one of the things my doctor suggested to help my immunity grow was to stop drinking so much tea. 

There are people out there literally snorting cocaine and injecting themselves with illegal substances, yet somehow my drinking a morning cup of tea every day is an issue.


I cut out my morning tea. 

But what should happen a few short weeks later????

I got f#%*ing sick again. 

It’s just not fair, it really isn’t. 

The thing about being sick is everyone has some sort of remedy their grandma or great aunt or batty old neighbour swears by, and they all insist that you simply must try ol’ Granny Betty’s trick. People have got me gurgling powdered aspirin, eating garlic by the bucketload, eating spicy food, adding lemon and/or ginger to everything I drink, and doing just about everything else that they can possibly think of and trick me into doing. Like, if I wasn’t sick before I sure am now lmao. 

So far I’ve endured two full days stuck at home sick as a dog on the couch, and I show no signs of improvement, so there’s every chance that this might be the end of me.

I had so much more I wanted to say but my illness-riddled brain has forgotten it all, so I’ll leave it here and go have a nice warm beverage – although I’m not sure what of, seeing as how I’m not allowed to drink tea. Honestly, with all the medicine in the world today I find it hard to believe that drinking less tea is the solution. But what do I know, right? 

So if you have any home remedies for the flu that I haven’t already been forced into trying, please please suggest them, I’m getting desperate. If I have to keep missing the gym due to illness I’m going to be most unimpressed, and if I have to spend another night wide awake in bed unable to sleep on account of feeling like death, I might just lose my mind. C’mon immune system, pick up your game.


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