Happy Mother’s Day 

Rosie’s take on… Mother’s Day

So today is the second Sunday of May, and we all know what that means. The day dedicated to spoiling our mums!

I’m sure in the last few weeks the sales of candles, flowers, pjs and slippers have gone through the roof. At work I love watching all the male customers come in and pick out the perfect flowers for their mummy. It seems for the most part people genuinely want to spoil their mums. It’s tough when, like mine, your mum deserves the world, but you, like me, can barely afford a card. But Mother’s Day is all about spoiling your mum, and showing how much you appreciate her, and there are many ways of doing that.

I know everyone thinks they have the best mum in the world, but they can’t because I actually do. My Mum is the best. I’m sure all four of my sisters would agree. While I spent the day with her today, she mentioned a quote that goes something like; “a mother is not a person to lean on but to make leaning unnecessary.” One of the most important roles of a parent is ensuring they raise their child to be an independent human being capable of looking after themselves in this big world. And even though Mum might not always initially like the idea of her kids leaving, I think she’s done a pretty darn good job of raising us kids if two have gone off to stay in Canada for an extended period of time (more than once, in one of my sisters cases), one of us was independent enough to stay in the state when everyone else was moving, all of us (that have reached that age so far) have figured out public transport in our teens to get around independently, and each of us has our own dreams of travelling to parts of the world on amazing adventures.

A good judge of parenting is to look at the successes of the children. None of us could have achieved what we did without our Mum’s help, encouragement and ongoing support. Sarah owns a house and worked in Canada for two winter seasons. Melanie has two degrees and is working as an au pair overseas. Grace is an excellent cook and is one of funniest people I’ve ever met. Olivia reads that many books it’s crazy, is incredibly smart and hilarious. Plus, there’s me. And I won first place in a colouring competition once; need I say more?

I imagine today must be tough for people who can’t be with their mothers; whether they be away, out of the picture or having sadly passed. So today while we appreciate all our mums do for us, take a moment to think about how fortunate you are to have your mum in your life.

In the spirit of Mother’s Day, I’m going to leave you with a little excerpt from a poem Mum recently uncovered that I wrote to her when I was at the tender age of about 12 or 13. Grammatical issues have been left for authenticity.


Hello Mum,
I write this with pride.
I got the inspiration from you,
And you’re creative side.

I just want to tell you,
That I love you so,
All the things you do for me,
Rain, hail, or snow.
You drive me here,
And you drive me there,
You’ve given me your genes,
The olive skin, thick hair.

There are lots of things I can thank you for,
The roof, the walls, even the floor.
Thankyou mum,
For just being there,
I’ll always love you, I promise, I swear.

So with a kiss,
And a final goodbye,
Here is your own poem,
(Please reply).


Happy Mother’s Day Ma ❤️
(Also, obviously, my Dad is the best and had a big part in raising us all to be the strong, independent women we are today. We love you too, Dad, but today isn’t about you, soz. We’ll talk about it on the first Sunday of September.)


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