Winter vibes

Rosie’s take on… Winter 
It’s getting to that time of year when we can no longer deny that winter is upon us. For the last two weeks or so I’ve been cold about 98% of the time, I’ve already gotten the flu twice, I’ve had to start wearing pants to bed, and getting rained on is becoming a regular occurrence. Not only is it no longer light out when I get up for the gym in the morning, it’s barely even getting light when I get home from the gym. Just to make it clear, the way I see it, the year is split into two seasons; summer and winter. Or, happiness and bitterness. So for the sake of this blog, autumn and spring don’t exist. If, like me, you despise the cold, the end of the warm weather can also seem to be the end of your good mood. So I’ve complied a list of things about winter that we can enjoy, in the hopes that with a little bit of positivity and good feelings, we can make it through the next few months without the sense of never-ending doom. (Unless, of course, you are taking off just as the real winter hits at the end of June like me, going somewhere warm and summery, and not returning until nearly September. I was hoping I’d manage to avoid all of the cold weather, but seeing as how it has already crept in, I’d like to make the most of the next 8 or so weeks). So, in the spirit of not being a cold moody bitch for the next 8 weeks, here are some very real positives to this crazy season called winter! 

Hot beverages and food

I’m a fan of having a cup of tea with my breakfast every morning, all year round. But now that the cold weather has hit, I get to enjoy my tea without getting all hot like I have been over summer. Hot beverages like tea and hot chocolate warm up your insides and your soul. Same goes for soup and other warm winter foods, like a good roast. I’d eat a roast every damn day of the year if I could, but there’s something about cold, dreary weather that makes a roast that much more enjoyable. 

Trackies and hoodies

Sure, it sucks I have to wear pants to bed again now. But I also get to wear trackies and test the limits of how far I can travel from my house and still be found socially acceptable. I also love wearing big jumpers for extra cosiness. Pair your trackies and hoodie with your favourite slippers or ugg boots, and you’re the epitome of comfort. My hair is a mess, always, as a result of the rain. But somehow when you’re in a big hoodie, messy hair is okay. Winter is all about pushing the limits of social acceptance and seeing what sort of a state you can get away with looking like in public. In winter I look like something mixed between a homeless crack addict and a bear just crawling out of hibernation. Embrace it. 

Cuddles and general cosiness

Winter is a great season to spend cuddled up in bed. Whether you have a cuddle buddy, a pet that likes to spend time with you, or even just a whole heap of blankets, bed is one of the best places to be when it’s cold out. There aren’t many better feelings than being all snuggled up in bed or on the couch with a whole heap of blankets, and, if you can force someone to spend time with you, the body warmth of another person. I’ve recently locked me down a cuddle buddy to get me through the colder months, but single friends have no fear. A heat pack is an excellent addition to the cosy life should you lack the body heat of a partner, and your heat pack won’t steal all the blankets or put their cold feet on your bare skin, so in some ways you win. (Although it’s actually me that puts my cold feet on him. And I’m not sorry.) 

Being inside while it’s raining

For a person that claims to hate winter, I sure do love rain. But that’s not to say I want to get stuck in it. There’s no better way to spend a day off than to be inside, all cosy and warm as aforementioned, when it’s raining outside. Bliss.

Watching movies and reading

As being outside becomes less and less desirable, the inside activities we all love become more and more acceptable. If the weather is all sunny and nice, it seems a waste to spend all day every day watching movies. But if it’s cold and wet outside, you’re literally encouraged to stay inside. So when it’s cold and wintery, it is the optimum season for Netflix and chill (lol, geddit, chill). I’m reading Harry Potter at the moment, and I find reading is a great way to spend your time when you’re all cuddled up in bed or on the couch. 

Less body image pressure

No more pressure to have a perfect bikini body for a solid few months. You can let yourself go completely or focus on bulking; I’ve already said goodbye to what little hope and definition I had of a six pack. Everyone’s in hibernation mode wearing clothes that cover all the pudgy parts, so it’s okay if you have a little bit of a muffin top. Winter is meant for muffins. 

It’s all good and well to be this optimistic about winter while I’m snuggled up in bed in my trackies with two blankets and a jumper, and I’m sure I’ll feel differently when I leave work at 6pm tonight and it’s already dark and I’m freezing my titties off. But while the sky stays grey and it feels like it’s pressing down on you, it’s important to remember that there are many positives to winter. And nearly all of them involve being in the most cosy, comfortable state achievable by mankind. The best way to get all of the positives out of winter is to stay at home, so we should probably all quit our jobs and make the most out of our winters from the warmth and comfort of bed. So chuck on some trackies, turn on the kettle, get your partner, friend, pet, heat pack and blankets, get cuddled up on the couch and watch some TV. I’m going into hibernation until I leave Australia at the end of June. See you in a few months, real world. 

Taken at 7am on my way home from the gym – you wouldn’t see that at 7am in summer

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