Rosie’s Guide to Happiness and Prosperity

Rosie’s take on… Doing the things that make you happy 
I’ve recently had several epiphanies about how I spend my time, and basically all of them include doing more things that make me happy. I mean, surely my parents didn’t bring me into this world just for me to go to work, pay bills and die, right? So here, me being the top chick I consistently am, I’ve provided you with a list of things I do that make me happy, that I’m sure will also help you. You can thank me later.  

Don’t sacrifice your happiness for someone else 

There’s not much point making people around you happy if in the process you’re miserable. You can’t miss out on your own living for someone else. In my case, this largely means I shouldn’t miss out on enjoying myself just because I have work the next day. Not in a “going to go get white girl wasted tonight and go to work seedy as hell tomorrow” way. I just mean, yeah, watch that movie you nearly didn’t put on because it’s already 7.30pm and you think it’ll go too late. Or yeah, go out to dinner with your girls even if it means not getting home till late. You know what is okay from time to time? Being tired. You know what isn’t? Not living your life because you’re always too concerned you’ll be tired at the job you don’t even like. In my case, work is the place that inspiration and motivation go to die, so I may as well be happy when I’m not there, right?

Go outside

Seriously. This one is so simple. Right now I’m eating my breakfast (Vegemite and fried egg on toast) and sipping my cup of tea. I’m sitting at our little table outside, protected by the patio. And it’s raining ever so softly. And I honestly feel zen as f@#%. When the weather was a little nicer, a few times a week or whenever I could I was going down to the beach to literally just sit and stare at the ocean. Watching the sun go down at the beach is an instant mood changer. On a day when you’re feeling particularly lazy, go for a quick walk around the block. Believe me, being outside and getting yourself moving will make you feel instantly amazing. Thanks, Mother Nature, you da real MVP. 

Know when you need a pick-me-up (and do it)

If you need a little pick-me-up, get a playlist together of your favourite songs, get in your car, drive around with no intention of going anywhere in particular, blast that shit and sing at the top of your lungs. Seriously. I swear by this. My housemate Lisa and I have rediscovered this technique recently, and I swear there’s no better form of therapy. It’s also much cheaper than my other favourite type of therapy, which is of the retail persuasion. If you need ideas of appropriate car songs to blast, might I suggest some of our go-to songs; London Bridge by Fergie, Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani, and literally any Eminem songs. Another good pick-me-up is a bath – your mood won’t be the only thing that’s bubbly, if you know what I mean. No, but seriously, add bubbles. To the bath. 

Spend time with people you actually like

Spending time with my family last week was something my soul seriously thanked me for. Likewise, spending time with my best friend, Lisa, when I got home from my holiday was another thing that made me all warm inside. I have a lot of great people in my life (they know who they are), and spending time with them is such a simple way to feel like everything is alright in the world. Even just messaging someone you haven’t spoken to in a while can make all the difference to your day. Too often we get caught up in negative thoughts about people we dislike, or we think we are too busy so withdraw ourselves from other people. So every now and then busting out a couple of old Disney movies with your girlfriends, or messaging an old friend somethin’ juicy, is good for your mental health. I’m one of those people that genuinely dislikes a large portion of the population, so it’s always refreshing to re-establish the fact that there are some people in the world I can stand to interact with on some sort of regular basis. 

Give someone a present or surprise

I say this as someone who loves to give and receive gifts. In fact, just the other day I received a seriously beautiful surprise gift of flowers (roses, no less). I tell you what, if you want to make a girls whole week, surprise flowers are a good place to start. But I also love giving presents, it makes me so happy to make people happy. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive, just a little gesture can be enough. Once when I was at work someone had written a cute little note in my calendar, wishing me a good day with a little smiley face, and it honestly made my whole day. Making other people genuinely smile for doing something small is such a simple way to feel better about yourself. 

Buy the shoes 

This doesn’t just go for shoes, although shoes are extremely topical for me right now – last week I purchased no less than 7 new pairs. This also doesn’t just go for girls, the same principle can be applied to guys. I’m saving like crazy at the moment for my New York adventure that (wish as I might) just isn’t going to pay for itself. But I am still a firm believer in that old, traditional motto, carved on the cave walls by the cavemen; “treat yo’self”. I found an actually stunning pair of heels which were originally $100, marked down to just $30. I knew that if I kept that $30, it was $30 more I could spend in New York. Rationally, I knew this. But I still could not stop thinking about those shoes. So, I treated ma self. And the universe rewarded me for it; when I went to pay, they were actually reduced to $19.95. Thanks universe. You have to know the time, the place and where to draw the line, but it’s still important to make sure you treat yo’self every now and then. 

Skip the gym, eat the pizza, drink the wine 

As all of my previous blog posts have revealed, I’m crazy about the gym. It’s one of the things I do that makes me happy. I’ve also recently stepped up my healthy eating game, started meal prepping again and am trying to make healthy choices in regards to food. But again, I apply my favourite motto; treat yo’self. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no point being ripped as hell if you’re miserable because you hate what you’re forced to eat. Food is one of the best things in my life, so I make sure I enjoy it. And sometimes that means having the pizza. Like, I have a freezer full of healthy, prepared chicken and veggie meals but I’m pretty much definitely going to have mac and cheese for dinner tonight. Just as long as you know where the line is, skipping the gym or having the take away can be healthy for you – at least mentally, and let’s be honest, emotionally, because I get extremely emotional about food. 

Don’t force it

Friendships, relationships, plans, whatever. If you’re putting in heaps of effort and it’s still not working, don’t force it. There’s a difference between someone that wants you in their life and someone that wants you there when it suits them. If you’re putting in the effort and not getting it reciprocated, don’t force it bro. I’m sure everyone has those friends in their lives that they’re only friends with because they’ve known each other forever. But if the friendship is no longer adding something to your life, you gotta ask yourself why you’re holding onto it. If the friendship adds more stress than happiness, don’t force it and just let it go. Spend more time with people that make an effort to be a part of your life. They’re the goodies that are worth holding onto. 

So you know something that makes you happy? Then do it. Because saving your living for later in life when you’re stable and grown up is ridiculous, you may as well enjoy the journey. Even if it means being tired when you go to work.  

If I’m being completely honest (which I may as well be, life is short so we may as well be honest), most of this came about because I’ve been listening to that song ‘7 years’ a lot and I’ve come to realise that soon I’ll be 60 years old. Go on, give it a listen, and then realise that your life is rushing away right in front of your eyes. So find the things that make you happy, and go and do them πŸ’πŸ» 

Happiness in a mug

2 thoughts on “Rosie’s Guide to Happiness and Prosperity

  1. Don’t message an old friend. Write a letter or phone Rosie. You could start off an old revolution by writing hand written letters.


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