February the what?

Rosie’s take on… Leap years
So today is February 29th. It feels wrong to even type that. I have been alive for no more than six leap days including today. I honestly, truly, undeniably hate them. I don’t understand them. How do we just have an extra day once every four years? As if I don’t have enough trouble dealing with the fact that February randomly has less days than every other month, but once every four years there’s an extra day? But still not enough to make it the length of a normal month?

If you’re born in early March, like myself (it’s next Tuesday, mark it in your calendars), then the extra day tacked onto the end of February can really impact you. Every four years I’m like ooh it’s nearly my birthday! Then I’m like oop, nope, have to wait a whole extra day. And yes, I understand that everyone has to wait an extra day for their birthdays too, but it’s just so much more obvious if your birthday is soon after the leap day. Like by September you won’t even remember that there was an extra day. But when your birthday is eight days into March, you notice.

What’s more, my Facebook ‘on this day’ memories for today were only from 2012, because this day didn’t even exist in any of the other years since I’ve had Facebook. So any statuses I post today won’t appear in my Facebook memories for another four years. What a mess.

Guess the only positive is that we have an extra day of summer. Which would be a good thing, if the weather acted like it, which today it most definitely has not.

So to whoever invented leap years (and I daresay they didn’t have a March birthday), I am extremely displeased with you. I have been uncomfortable all day dealing with this extra day, and I am so excited to not have to worry about this nonsense until 2020, which, let’s be honest, feels like it’s extremely distant in the future.


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