“Sorry I won’t be doing that, I’m too stubborn.”

Rosie’s take on… Being the most stubborn person alive
I am incredibly stubborn. I also cannot stand being told what to do. As soon as I’m told to do something, my mind pretty decides that I will never ever do that. That’s it, no discussion, no weighing up the options. Someone else wants me to do something? Nope, never going to happen, bye.

So earlier this year my family decided to move to Brisbane. Every time they suggest I move with them, my will to stay in Perth becomes stronger and stronger. It kinda makes sense for me to move with my family, considering how close we are, and so that I’m not left in the state alone. I was also living with them when the decision was made, so it would have been a natural progression for me to move with the rest of the household. But, as well as being as stubborn as a two year old who won’t go down for a nap, I hate change. So I stamped my foot and stated how I simply couldn’t/wouldn’t move to Queensland of all places. My family, of course, replied with things such as “but you must move with us!” And “Please come to Brisbane!” You know what goes through my mind when someone says something like that to me? NO. Nope. No I simply will not. You cannot make me. I will not be swayed by mere words or peer pressure. I am an adult and as an adult I have made the executive decision to downright refuse

So now my family are leaving tomorrow, and I am resolutely and bitterly staying in Perth by myself.

The same goes for my getting Skype; with some of my family members being in Canada and soon the rest will be in Brisbane, they all speak on Skype. For literally over a year since my sister first went to Canada they’ve all been telling me to get Skype. So what did I do? Strongly refused. Eventually (probably sometime around reading my blog post about how much technology scares me) they gave up on nagging, assuming I’m going to stay in the world of communicating by emails forever. And now that they’ve stopped pestering me and telling me I “have to get Skype!” What did I do? I got Skype. And it doesn’t even scare me that much. But if someone had continued to tell me to get it, I literally never would have. Don’t you ever try to tell me what I ‘have’ to do. 

When I was halfway through year 10 my family and I moved to a suburb about an hour away from where we used to live, and where I went to school. Instead of doing the seemingly logical thing, and changing to a school nearby, I continued going to my school literally ages away for two and a half years. I would get up waaay earlier than anyone needs to in high school, catch a bus, a train and another bus. Just to make it to school. Then I’d be at school for the standard amount of time, and do the whole travel thing again to get home. Something like 20 hours a week travel time for two and a half years just because I was showing how much I didn’t want my parents to make me move, and I was too stubborn to change. 

Part of my stubbornness is that I can’t let something beat me. Like at work, we recently got this new freezer with this really heavy door. Someone at work told me that I would need a man to open it for me, and that I “wouldn’t be able to do it.” My response? “Oh can’t I!?” Just watch me open this f&#%ing door, you lil bitch. First of all, I absolutely refused to let the door win. And secondly, I simply could not stand someone else telling me what I apparently can’t do. And guess what? I open the door by myself every time, no worries. I was making beer mac and cheese recently (turned out to be literally amazing, just FYI), and it occurred to me that I didn’t have a bottle opener to open the beer bottles (all the alcohol I drink comes conveniently with screw-tops). But I couldn’t let that beat me, no siree. The macaroni was already cooking, after all. So I got to work on opening those beer bottles with my brute strength and keen perseverance, and lived to tell the tale. And successfully made a big enough batch of beer mac and cheese to feed me for a week and a half.

I will always get all my stuff from the car inside in one trip. Weeks worth of grocery shopping? I’ll make it happen. I went Christmas shopping the other day and also did my grocery shopping at the same time. And I’ll be damned if I had to make two trips inside. So I loaded my arms up with bags, threatening to slice right through my skin, and I struggled through the garage, had to free a hand to unlock the door, and made it to the kitchen bench with mere seconds to spare before I lost the lot. But I made it. No second trip required. Rosie 1, shopping 0. 

I am so much less likely to do something if you continually ask me to do it, just like if you tell me not to do something, it’s going to make me want to. “Don’t get another piercing/tattoo, Rosie.” YOU JUST WATCH ME. “Don’t buy a bald cat, Rosie.” DON’T TELL ME HOW TO LIVE MY LIFE. The same thing has been happening my whole life. “Please clean your room, Rosie.” I WILL NEVER CLEAN MY ROOM AGAIN. I actually keep my house quite tidy now, but used to hate cleaning when I was a kid. What’s the difference? The difference is now nobody is telling me to do it. I hate being told what to do.

The sure fire way to stop me from doing something? Tell me to do it, and the tiny person full of fury in my brain will ensure I never do it.
P.S. But on a real note, safe travels to my parents and little sisters who head off on their exciting holiday across Australia tomorrow; destination Brisbane. Sorry I’m too stubborn and anger-filled to ever move or accept that you’re leaving xoxo

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