Illness strikes again

Rosie’s take on… Getting sick AGAIN! And my talented friend 
So somehow I’m coming down with the flu again; I swear to God, my immune system is going to get a stern talking to once I have enough energy to do so. 

I’ve struggled my way through a whole day at work, and I’m sitting on the couch sipping hot green tea to hopefully burn my throat to the point where it’s numb and doesn’t hurt anymore. I wanted to start writing a long inspiring blog post, as I’ve been pretty slack as of late, but inspiration is nowhere to be found in my heavy, clouded brain. So instead of writing, I’m reading. 

One of my good friends, Kaitlyn, started a blog earlier this year. Kaitlyn and I moved in together when we were fresh-faced high school graduates at the tender age of 17, and lived together for about a year and a half. Her blog, “Saving Smiley“, is her platform for sharing photos, inspirational messages and insights into her life. Uni has finished for the year, and I know she plans on taking some time out over summer to focus on her writing and her blog. Kaitlyn is inspiring in her use of light humour and witty remarks, with each post having a new point of interest for fellow bloggers and readers. Kaitlyn has a real knack for language and stringing together neat phrases, seemingly effortlessly. I, being someone who speaks pretty much exclusively in emojis, find this to be a very intriguing aspect of her blog. 

So while I suffer from what I can only assume is a second bout of the plague, head on over to Kaitlyn’s blog and show her some support like you have kindly shown me! 


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