Current uni feels 

Rosie’s take on… The last ever exam 
Oh hey, how are you? Having a good day? Nice and fulfilling? Doubt it. So guess who finished their last ever exam and therefore their entire degree today? I’ll give you a hint… IT’S ME.
I know, I know. I already have so much going for me, it’s unfair that I now have this sneaky Bachelor up my sleeve (that possibly sounds different than I intended). But what can I say guys, the literature world loves me. The English language loves me. Shakespeare, Brontë, Blake, Plath, Defoe, Poe, they all love me. I can write poetry like you would not believe, and I unintentionally rhyme all the time. Not only does the English language love me, but punctuation and grammar love me. And what’s more, I love them. Take, for example, the semi-colon. What a beautiful piece of punctuation. Look at it; it is so aesthetically pleasing. But it’s not all about appearance; the semi-colon is also incredibly useful. It is undoubtedly my favourite piece of punctuation. Followed closely by the comma. 

I am incredibly excited to be able to start reading for pleasure again. Over the last three years, whenever I had the occasional rare chunk time to sit down and read in peace, I’d have to read some sort of novel, poem or play for uni. But not anymore. Nope, now I can read anything I want. To begin with, I’m finally going to read The Notebook. After that, probably Harry Potter’s 1-7 again; it’s been a while. 

So uni is finally over, after three years. It was this time three years ago, pretty much to the day, that I finished my final exams at high school, wondering if I was going to get the marks I wanted to get into my desired course at Murdoch University; Communications and Media with a double degree in English and Creative Writing. I had a minor hiccup when the WACE exams were scaled so that my pass mark for Literature dropped below competent. Somehow I, the lover of English doing top level Literature my entire way through high school with never so much as a stutter, was deemed ‘incompetent’ in the English language. But I sat the mandatory test, which (shockingly) proved that a mistake had been made, and that I could, in fact, speak English. So then Murdoch was all like “oh, so you can speak English? Cool no worries bro, we’ll take you.” Once my first semester started, it took me a grand total of one day to drop Communications and Media, and focus just on the English side.

I was blonde when I started uni, which only lasted a couple of months. I’ve been dealing with a horrendous student ID card since it was taken when I was 17. Horrendous because of the pained expression I’m making. And it just so happens that my hair is blonde in the photo so whenever I have to show it, the person always eyes my very much brunette hair suspiciously. Like I would ever try to pretend I’m someone else to sit their exam for them; puh-lease. 

I’ll tell you what though, those three years went bloody fast. I moved three times; out of home, back home, then out of home again. I lived with my parents for a total of only two semesters of my entire degree; the other four I was renting. I worked enough to feed my shopping addiction as well as pay the bills. And also pay for several other expensive things such as a new car or two, a trip to the U.S. and three trips to Brisbane (just to name a few). 

I had some pretty great tutors and lecturers, and I had some real shockers, too. I had a few of those lecturers that you get that weird, inappropriate, kind of unexplainable crush on. I also had a lecturer that I was sure was going to turn to dust at any moment. It makes sense for her to be speaking about literature from the seventeenth century; she lived it. 

So today I sat in my final exam, having finished it with an hour left (standard for me; what can I say, I’m a boss), reflecting on the fact that this is the last time I’m ever going to be a student. In 1999 I started kindy, and finally, in 2015, I am finishing university. So bring on 2016, the first year since 1998 (when I was three) that I don’t have some sort of schooling structure in place. 
(P.s. Also bring on the day the unit results are released, and let’s pray to the high heavens that I passed).   



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