it’s all happening 

Rosie’s take on… Life right now 
So I’m just starting to get over a terrible flu that had me couch ridden for literally 5 days. You know how they always say you never realise what you had until it’s gone? Well, turns out all this time I’ve been taking my unblocked nose and headache-less head for granted. If I ever completely recover, I swear to appreciate what I have. Now that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and it looks like I won’t die of the plague after all, I’m seeing things differently in the world. Everything is bright again. I have a new outlook on life. 

Over the last 5 days I essentially did nothing except lie on the couch feeling sorry for myself and watch How I Met Your Mother. Being the second last week of uni semester (ever), I had a fair bit of uni work I should’ve been doing as well. I managed to tackle one and a half assignments during my illness, but my proudest accomplishment was watching 3 seasons of HIMYM. It should be noted that one of those seasons included when Lily and Marshall broke up; definitely the hardest part to watch (except maybe the disgrace of the last season). What’s more, my HIMYM watching all occurred during the hours that my housemate Lisa wasn’t home, as she won’t let me watch it (*insert whipped sound effect*). Can you imagine how many seasons I would have actually watched if I was allowed to watch it during the evenings and weekends!? I’d probably be at least past the Stella phase by now. 

This is arguably one of the most exciting times of year, weather-wise. The weather is all of a sudden warming up, but the nights are still fairly cool. Which means that I can still have my three blankets on my bed for my comfort and cosiness, but means I can comfortably wear an oversized tee with no pants. When the warm weather first hits, like for example right now, it’s my favourite time of year simply because I never have to wear pants, and there is a long stretch of time ahead of me where I won’t need to wear pants. There is literally no better feeling than getting into bed at the end of a long day, with freshly shaved legs and no pants. Best feeling in the world, do not fight me on this.

It’s acceptable to wear shorts again without being judged. We’ve passed that stage where a few daring girls are wearing shorts before it’s quite warm enough and everyone gives their exposed, pale legs the evil-eye when they walk past. I no longer have to mess around trying to find jeans that fit my less-than-average length legs. Pretty soon I’ll be tanned again. It does not take me long to turn black once I get into the sun, so that’s definitely something to look forward to. Plus, for the first summer in like 5 years I live near the beach. The other day I just randomly decided to go down to the beach to watch the sunset. Doesn’t get much better than that. Also, fish and chips. 

My local Red Rooster delivers now. So I literally have no reason to ever leave my house again. Our area is still fairly new so we have issues when we want to order pizza (Dominos tried to tell us our street doesn’t exist and wouldn’t deliver to us. I still can’t talk about it), but our neighbours get Red Rooster delivered nearly every day so I know they’ll be able to find us.

Another positive right now is that exams are nearly over. Obviously I’ll be happier when they actually are over. And they haven’t even started yet. But I’m still pretty stoked with the fact that in three weeks time I will have submitted my last assignments, and finished my last exams EVER. Helllooo Bachelor of the Arts in English and Creative Writing! I don’t think I have ever been as excited for something as I am about finishing uni.

I had a dream earlier in the week that really stuck with me. Lisa thinks it stuck with me because it involved dolphins and there is literally nothing in the world that scares me more than dolphins. But I think it was more the humans in the dream that kept it in my mind for days. It involved several people who were once my best friends, who I literally haven’t spoken to in so long. It got me thinking a lot about the people I used to be close with. It has also reaffirmed my fear of dolphins. Something I’ve learnt this week? If you want to brighten up your day, speak to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. Guaranteed to make you smile. So if you’re reading this and we haven’t spoken in a while, shoot me a message. We could both use an extra smile today!

I purchased a lotto ticket for earlier in the week and I haven’t checked my win yet (on account of being busy… 3 seasons of How I Met Your Mother weren’t going to watch themselves). So for all I know, I’m a millionaire! And if that’s not something to be happy about, then I don’t know what is! I’m going to assume I won the big bucks, because until I check my ticket, I don’t know that I haven’t (oh hey, Schrödinger’s cat). 

A new trailer for the new Star Wars movie came out this week. I probably couldn’t be more excited about anything if I tried. December still seems like ages away but it definitely gives me something to look forward to. Star Wars is kind of a big deal to me. I’m trying to figure out a way that I can get away with wearing Leia’s bikini to Lisa’s 21st.  Also lowkey considering getting a Star Wars inspired tattoo. 

Another positive in my life right now is that I got to see my Nan and Dad today. With work, uni, and illness (and How I Met Your Mother) consuming my life as of late I haven’t been able to visit my Nan as much as usual. And Dad’s whole ‘working in Brisbane’ thing kind of prevents me from popping over to see him on a regular basis. Although if anyone felt the desire to buy me flights, I wouldn’t mind popping over the see him once my exams are over (hint hint). Getting to see both my Nan and my Dad together? That’s a good day if you ask me! 

So here’s to a good day back at work tomorrow after a few days off sick. To a good win on the lotto ticket I haven’t checked yet. To Red Rooster delivery drivers. To me finding time to watch seasons 4-8 (and maybe even 9) of How I Met Your Mother. To catching up with old friends. To Star Wars and Princess Leia’s bikini. To avoiding dolphins for the rest of my life. To Nana’s and Dad’s and housemates who dictate what you’re allowed to watch on TV. To the last few weeks of my studies after 17 straight years of schooling (yes, I include kindy). To not having to wear pants. This is it, boys and girls. It’s all happening. 

Snapseeding effects courtesy of my father

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