Do you even lift? 

Rosie’s take on… The gym life 
I originally joined the gym in like May of last year. To this day I maintain that it was the best thing I ever did. 
Flashback to my childhood/high school years. I hated exercise. I hated sports. I would go through phases of wanting to get fit, go for a run for like two days in a row, then give up for another six months. I wasn’t fat but I wasn’t fit. So I joined the gym next to my work at the time, even got a discount. I literally fell in love with the gym overnight. From there, I started being more active outside of the gym too. Lisa had started her gym journey just after me, so we used to workout together on weekends. I swear, the gym was one of the things that made Lisa and I the baes we are today. We were suddenly in the exact same headspace at the exact same time, and we’ve continued in this way ever since. Even with our busy conflicting schedules at the moment we find time at least three times a week to workout together.
Initially I was going to the gym several times a week, doing Zumba classes once a week, and doing outdoor cardio at Jacob’s Ladder in Perth (aptly named ‘the stairway to heaven’; 242 steps up the side of a cliff. Try running up and down that a couple-a times, and tell me you’re not about to die). I joined a new gym when I moved house, the same gym as Lisa. We’ve been living together for just over 3 months, and I’m the most active I’ve ever been in my life. 

When I first joined the gym I was obsessed with cardio, and wanting to get ‘thin’. Boy, how my vision has changed. One thing I never expected was how much stronger I would get. Just in day to day life I feel stronger; I shock myself when I go to grab something and pulverise it to dust in my grip. That’s just part of my life now. The life of a girl that lifts. 

Being fit is not all about appearance or aesthetics, like I thought it was when I first started. Being healthy and fit makes you actually feel so much better. It’s been said a million times before but it’s true. Plus, exercise seriously helps with moods. Try to tell me you’re still having a bad day after you’ve killed a workout. You can’t, because you’re not. It is the best cure to anything. Angry? Punch the shit out of the air in combat class. Sad? Break a new PR. Happy? Good, you’ll feel even better after your workout. 

People be like “why you need to go to the gym anyway, you’re already skinny.” And I’m like who said anything about skinny? If by skinny you mean buff af with bulging biceps, a wicked six pack, quads to make my enemies weep, and a big ol’ booty, then yes, I want to be skinny. Plus you know how I remain fit? By going to the gym.

People complain about how long it takes to get proper results from working out and eating right. But guys. The thing is. The time is going to pass anyway. You may as well work hard and get something out of it. It may take a few months before you notice any changes. But those months are going to pass, regardless of if you’re working out or not. May as well get to the end and have something to show for it, sallimsayin’. Yes, working out is hard. Eating healthy is hard. But being unhealthy is hard. Being unfit and out of shape is hard. Being unhappy with yourself is hard. Choose your hard. 

‘Abs are made in the kitchen’, ‘you can’t out-train a bad diet’. It breaks my heart everyday that these statements are true. Can you imagine how actually fit I would be if the diet didn’t count? Pls. By no means am I perfect, I eat way more cheat meals than I should. I loosely do the whole ‘meal prep’ thing but if it gets to lunchtime and I don’t feel like chicken, rice, and a whole shit tonne load of broccoli (Satan’s trees) then I ain’t gonna do it. You know how people always say it’s about balance? I use this excuse to the absolute limit. A big ol’ bag of chips with a whole pot of dip and some cheese, consumed with an entire bottle of water and followed by an apple. Balance. 

I don’t always enjoy it by any means. I don’t particularly like getting up at 5am on a day that I have to be at uni in the morning and at work until 9.30pm. But still I’ll be up at 5am, resting gym bitch face on, at spin ready to sweat out my sins and get my day started well. I don’t even enjoy spin; cardio is the devils exercise. But (unfortunately) cardio has to be done, and you can’t tell me you’re not set up for a good day after a solid cardio sesh. 

One of the main reasons people want to get fit is due to a breakup. Whether it be that you want them to see what they’re missing out on, or you feel like you can win them back, wanting to get fit seems to be a natural progression after going through a breakup. This isn’t a bad thing, as long as you’re not doing it for the wrong reasons. Ultimately, if you’re working out for someone else it won’t last. You have to want it for yourself. But when I first started working out there was someone in my life that made me want to do it for them. And then as soon as I started and realised how amazing I felt from it, I didn’t give a f*** what they thought anymore and I did it for myself. The issue of trying to win back your ex is another issue entirely that I’m not going to tackle this time round, but it isn’t healthy to try to do so. However, if you want to join the gym after a breakup to try to better yourself as an individual, go for it girlfrand u got dis. 

There is nothing more attractive than someone with drive and motivation, who is actively working for what they want. People always say it’s hard to stay motivated. “‘Motivation doesn’t last’. Neither does bathing, that’s why it’s recommended daily.” I’m not motivated all the time at all. But I follow a piece of advice I was once given; put on your workout clothes and then decide if you’re going to workout. Once you’re in your workout clothes and sneakers, it’s 1000 times harder to slack off. Science. 

It’s no secret that butts are getting a lot of attention at the moment. There are songs, Instagram pages, even magazine articles dedicated to them. The best thing about a fit girls booty? She earned it. It’s a status symbol and shows her hard work and dedication. The best thing about a booty is that anyone can get one. Unlike a pretty face or big boobs, which if you don’t have you can’t easily create, a booty can be built with the right diet and some dedication, and for a hellavalot less $$ than fake boobs. Even dudes butts are being appreciated at the moment; girls appreciate a good booty too. Probably about half the conversations I have with Lisa are about the booty. Mine, hers, that person we saw at the gym, the girl in the nice jeans at the shops that surely must have had her jeans custom made to fit that colossal booty at the same time as her slender waist. I respect a good booty more than anything else. A good booty deserves respect. Booty is love. Booty is life. 

Recently I’ve started going to combat classes a couple times a week. Ladies, a bit of advice. If you’re ever feeling weak or helpless, go to a combat class. The first class I ever went to, I left feeling more fierce and in control than I ever had in my entire life. The sass levels were off the charts. It’s literally an hour spent in a room with like-minded people all punching and kicking the shit out of the air to some really great motivational beats. I had been working out regularly for over a year when I first went, and I still had to take all the easy options, and still I couldn’t move my arms for like three days afterwards. I preach combat for anyone who wants to learn to defend themselves, or wants to let off some steam while also getting in a good workout. Variation is important when getting fit; at combat I use muscles I didn’t even know I had despite my regular exercise. 

Another positive about the gym is Lorna Jane clothes. Lorna Jane clothes are literally my favourite clothes. I preach K-mart for pretty much every other material need, and when I started at the gym all my workout clothes were from there. But as soon as I discovered Lorna Jane, there was no going back. I’m not a brand snob by any means, literally everything I buy Coles or K-mart brand if I can. But Lorna Jane clothes really are the best. So many of my Lorna Jane singlets have motivational quotes on them. One of my favourites is “run like a girl”. Every time I wear it I’m like damn straight I will! Just watch me run, bitch! Another favourite says “like the way you work it”. Every time I wear it I’m singing “no diggity, I gotta bag it up”. It’s pretty much impossible not to feel motivated when you have Blackstreet playing in your head.  

The decision to join the gym was the best decision I’ve ever made. That’s not to say you need the gym to live a successful fit life, there are so many alternatives you can do at home or outside. But for me, joining the gym was what opened me up to all those other things. I honestly believe I will never go back to my pre-gym ways. I care about the booty too much. My mood is always so much more positive when I’ve been to the gym recently, it honestly is a mood changer every single time. So remember, when you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, squat. Because booty.



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  1. Can you please post these every day… it’s motivated me to go to the gym, only it’s 11pm at nighy right now and not a very practical time to be motivated 😂
    Awesome blogs Rosie!

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