Growing up 

Rosie’s take on… Growing up 
I constantly hear people around my age saying “I wish I was a kid again”, and “I can’t believe I couldn’t wait to grow up.” 

Um hello? You must be doing adulthood wrong. Being a grown up is awesome. There’s a brief period of time between when you become an adult and when you become an adult adult. Like, the first step is when you have your own car, you move out of home, and for the first time you can do what you want, when you want. This magical stage is somewhere between the time you finish high school and before your mid- to late-twenties. The second phase of adulthood is the Scary Phase (I am yet to reach it, thank the lord) whereby you get married and have kids and have a mortgage and a proper career and you’re the one that has to be fearless and protect your family from potential villains throughout the night. 

The thing that I’m concerned with is people that aren’t enjoying that first stage of adulthood, which I gotta say, has been one of my favourite stages in my life so far. I’m incredibly independent, and I moved out of home for the first time when I was one week off turning 18. It wasn’t because I hate my family, like people seem to think when they hear I moved out of home when I was 17, I actually get along really well with my family. Taking the next step in the journey into that first phase of adulthood, meant that I could eat what I wanted, drink, have people over without disturbing my little sisters, get tattoos and piercings, and essentially just live how I wanted to live. Initially I ate a lotttt of mi goreng and I wouldn’t change it for the world. This practice stage of adulthood also means that I don’t have to be set on a career yet or know what I’m doing with my life. Which is a relief, because I finish uni in like 7 weeks and I have literally noo idea what I’m going to do with my life still.

One of the main arguments that people make against growing up is having to pay bills. All I’m saying is, I’m working pretty much fulltime, earning an adult rate of pay. When I first started working at 15 I was earning like $8 an hour and only working like twice a week, and I remember thinking I was rich. Pretty sure I can afford to pay for my phone bill that is like a tiny fraction of what I actually earn. As an adult that works a lot, I’d actually be quite financially comfortable (if Lorna Jane, pizza and Kmart didn’t exist). Sure, as an adult you have more shit to pay for. But you also get more good shit to enjoy. How much you really gonna complain about paying to upkeep your car if you had to go back to getting lifts from your mum or catching buses. I really can’t complain about paying my phone bill once a month when all throughout the month I get unlimited texting and Facebook. 

Another perk about this growing up business? You literally get more attractive. At this age, the older we get, the better looking we get! And believe me, this won’t last forever, it’s only downhill from here. It’s extremely rare for someone to peak in their childhood or teenage years. As a general rule, as young people get older, they blossom. Just look at Emma Watson. Or the guy who plays Neville in Harry Potter. Or essentially any of the kids from Harry Potter. Except maybe Daniel Radcliffe, who seems to have peaked around movie number 4 and has gone down from there. Rupert Grint though, growing up looks good on him. I would Ronald his Weasley. 

Another great thing about this in-between stage? It’s pretty much socially acceptable to be a borderline alcoholic. When I was freshly 18, I used to go out all Friday night, get up at 5am and go to work for an open to close shift on Saturday. Being hungover and seedy af is so much more acceptable when you’re under the age of 30. I’d be at work, looking like death warmed up, and my colleagues would joke about how I must have had ‘a big night’. At this age, you’re literally allowed to party. Every Monday at work I get asked if I went out on the weekend. Ain’t nobody asking the real adults that. And you know what? Most weeks I say yes. Yes, I’ll go to a family event on Saturday night and while the rest of my family goes home to bed, I go home and get ready, smash down a bottle of wine, and head down to my local watering hole. And yes, the next day I’ll roll out of bed looking like a tired, dehydrated, dirty mess who was up all night being stepped on and being covered in other peoples drinks, makeup smudged around my eyes, club stamps still covering my arms, and I’ll get tf in my car and go visit my Nan. Because I can. Because at this age it’s acceptable. Cheap wine is acceptable too. I buy bottles of $5 pink wine like I buy food. I get staff discount on top of that, and it’s literally cheaper than buying a bottle of water.

Independence and being able to make your own decisions is the best part of growing up. So you don’t want to wear pants around the house? No worries. You want to have two minute noodles and a bottle of wine for dinner? Why the fuck not. Embrace this in-between stage, where we get the perks of adulthood without the commitment, because before we know it we’ll be passing into that second phase of adulthood- and then there’s no going back.


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